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I dream, because I learned from success, failure, and loss. In dreams, anything can be real. It is up to ourselves to make dreams a reality. I dream about designing for people and with people in mind; about changing and crafting experiences. I have no limit, because then dreams would not be possible.

I started my education in designing and project managing for print. I still like print, but I want more. And so, I moved into interactive digital media because it is what print cannot be. Interactive media expands the realms of experiences.

I grew up with a dad who was an early adopter in all things computers and cameras. I experienced an Apple computer when it was unkown to the majority with a doubtful future. I mention my dad because his love of technology grew into my love of technology.

Why not try something new, something to dream about, and something to talk about. In the end, it's the strength to try and try again that is worth the experience.



Open source information and resources in the digital media industry facilitates growth, creativity, and experimentation. It makes this website possible. Credit is due to those who have contributed to the community and in effect to this site. Those who are unfamiliar with wefunction, I would like to thank the photographers for my landing page photo. Inspiration is always great from AWWWARDS.